We are a dance company handling wedding choreography projects and performing at events like weddings, corporate events, and school annual days. First wedding choreography assignment: Dec 2013Working as a wedding choreography group since for 5 years, with 50+ sangeets across the city.

Shaadi Sangeet pays a lot of importance to perfection. Shaadi Sangeet could just set up general steps on a song of your choice and you could proceed on your own from there or could alternatively assist you in preparing an elaborate group dance with appropriate songs and costumes. Of course the choice is completely yours. We draft our services keeping in mind the latest trends doing the rounds of the marriage market and also the affordability of these services for people from all budget ranges. In short, we customize our services to suit the individual requirements of our clients.

We are famous for style and pose in Wedding choreography and ensures a magical sangeet for your big event. Our team of dedicated choreographers are some of the best in Delhi and with their help you can present a rocking performance!