Theme parties

Theme Parties are a ‘happening’ lot these days. Gone are the days where a host would throw a party wherein one would just eat, drink, dance and bid goodbye. To make these parties more interesting, we add themes that make the party more lively and enjoyable. To double the fun quotient, we make these interactive with the active participation of the guests. These themes can be of many types depending on the time, venue, people and host. Be it individual or corporate. Some of these themes are listed below .

Halloween party

This year, throw your own unique Halloween party. We have a list of over 20 themed parties, complete with invitations, decorations and games ideas. Willy wonka, Haunted House, Autumn Harvest, Carnival, Murder Mystery, Freak Show, Mad Scientist, Jack-o'-Lantern Carving, Superhero, Graveyard, Alice in Wonderland, Hollywood, Harry Potter, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Politics, Pirates, UFO, Zombies, The Mummy's Curse, et al.

Foam party

A foam party is a social event at which participants dance to music on a dance floor covered in several feet of suds or bubbles, dispensed from a foam machine. Three to four feet of foam, a mixture of soap, air and water on the dance floor makes for a great fun. You may think that being covered in gallons of soap and froth will make for one messy, cold, and gluey affair but all that you will have to deal with is damp clothes, warmth and boisterous fun.

Hollywood theme party

A glamorous, theme for a glamorous event- our Hollywood themes are the perfect way to transport your guest to a VIP, red carpet event. We offer a wide range of themes options for you such as complete room dressing (red carpets, lighting, draping, backdrops etc), Hollywood-themed entertainment, Giant Hollywood props, Luxury staging and room design, Table displays and more!