Music Concerts

An electrifying feeling!!! An adrenaline rush!! A pounding heart and a numb mind!!! All these are common to anyone and everyone at a live concert. The high octane sound and light extravaganza sends all sensory organs into overdrive! No music lover would ever want to miss the chance of being present at a concert… We take great pride in setting up and organizing musical concerts keeping in mind the minutest detail and making things remarkably simple for the performers and audience alike. The state-of-art stage design, sophisticated high decibel sound and electrifying intelligent lighting make for a super lively concert.

Chamber Orchestra Concerts

This orchestra is the type of concert composed of 40 or fewer musicians that perform with or without a conductor. The other types of chamber orchestras are based on the number of musicians, the kind of instruments used and the type of music performed.


An opera combines music with several other elements including costumes, stage design, singing, and dancing. Most operas are sung, with no spoken lines. The music is either performed by a small group of musicians or a full orchestra. Music that has been pre-recorded may also be used. There are several types of opera; such as comic opera, also known as light opera. Comic opera usually tackles light, not so delicate subject matter where the ending often has a happy resolution.

Choral Music

Choral Music has a wonderful variety. Some is sung as a Capella, without any accompaniment—by human voices alone. Other choral music is accompanied by piano, or by groups of instruments, or by an entire orchestra. Choirs range in size from chamber music groups of three or four people to huge choirs of more than a hundred